Working From Home

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So, I finally found a work at home job that is not some pyramid, BS scheme. I am writing freelance articles. Some of the work is pretty lame, like writing 30 articles on topics like woodworking and crown molding and such.. But most of it is really easy.

Writing 500 works on any topic can be done, even if you don't know the first thing about the topic. With the internet, I find I can research and learn the most far reaching things. I never had any idea what a jig was, but no I am familiar with all sorts of jigs ... lol, at least I am 500 words familiar.. and I just finished an assignment to write 8 articles on Forex trading.. that was a stretch too... but I got paid more than I bid for the job. Cool!

The most difficult part is not the writing, I love to write and learning about new topics is not a bad thing for me.. I like to learn.. but my family! They just don't understand that when they come in and start making noise or turn on the television, the distractions are killing me... WHEN DOES SCHOOL START? Six weeks? oh my!

Well, enough wasting time, I have 17 plumbing articles to write ...

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