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The smoke has cleared and everyone has calmed down. We have had time to take it all in, the news, the shock and, of course, the jokes.

The big question now is, what do we really think and feel about the death of Michael Jackson?

You will see me do this quite often. I will not be the first to rant and rave about a new headline, or rumor. I am definitely more the sit back and take it all in type.

Now that my process is pretty much complete, it is never truly complete, in our information age data and rumors and just plain stuff comes at us constantly, but, I feel ready to voice my opinion.

I do not feel a loss for Michael. He was a strange human being who brought on most of what he got. I am sure he suffered from some sort of psychological issue and this was probably worsened by his intense fame. However, he had the means to get help, but chose to spend his time and money chasing after some weird hope of becoming the first white black person.

I am fairly certain that the death of Michael Jackson will be a good thing for his children. They will be sad and they certainly were loved by their father and loved him in return. But, now that he is gone, they can work towards some sort of normalcy in their lives.

Being Prince Michael is a bit to live up to, and I cannot imagine being Prince Michael the sequel... oh my! But, as they become more socialized and are allowed to walk about without veils over their faces, these young people can experience life and make one for themselves.

Before I get a bunch of hate mail and ugly comments, let me make one more point. I did not hate Michael Jackson. I was never a big fan, but I am the odd person, I just do not listen to music very often. I have not passed judgement on the rumors surrounding him and some indecent conduct. I will simply add this - judgement has been passed on Michael Jackson, and what we think about him has nothing to do with that decision.

One more thing... I want to pass along the Michael Jackson joke that just made me laugh so hard, it is just a good joke, well, after the mourning period anyway... so here goes...

Did you hear that thunder...... No, that wasn't thunder.. that was Elvis kicking Michael's ass for marrying his daughter!

That's funny !

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