Police Irresponsibly

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Kansas Highway Patrol 1974 DodgeImage by Brain Toad Photography via Flickr

The law in Kansas (maybe everywhere, I just don't know) is such that if an officer has his lights on while on the shoulder, you must move over a lane away from him if possible. Absolutely understandable and reasonable.

So, then, what is my point?

This evening, on my way home with my daughter in the car, an officer turned the rear flashing lights on, pulled over on the shoulder during rush hour and while several cars slowed and merged, he then turned them off and re-entered traffic. He passed me a mile down the road and did this again.

How easily could an accident have occurred. He had no one pulled over, so I have to assume he was trying to trap someone... Should I risk possible retribution and report this behavior? NO!!

This is just another irresponsible act in our crazy society, where everyday people have so much more sense than any and every one in any kind of power!

What do we do?

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