Parenting, When does it stop?

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As a parent I work hard to try to teach my children ethics, morals, character, and life skills. I enroll them in sports and clubs, take them to cultural events, and make sure they know what is important in life.

Education is at the top of that list.

Of my five children, two have moved out and are living their own lives. My son is getting ready to turn 18 next month and will be moving out to become his own person, I hope! That will leave me with just the 16 and the 8 year old girls left at home.

Each of the older girls have 2 sons of their own now. I get phone calls asking me for advice on everything from diet to burns to behavior, oh, and the 'he did something so cute!' I love it.

When I was their age and raising my first babies, I don't remember asking so many questions, but I do remember doing the 'look how cute she is' thing! Why don't I remember asking so many questions? Probably because my parents and my husbands parents never gave us the chance. They were in our faces with advice constantly. "Make sure you remember to ....," "don't ....," "that baby needs...!" And even today we hear from our families about what they think we should be doing differently.

I cringe every time I hear myself telling my daughters what I think in regards to their children. Why do we do this? My daughters call me for advice all the time. Clearly, if they need something or have a question, they will come to us of their own free will. So, then, why do I feel the need to insert my two-cents worth when I have not been asked? When will the parenting end?

Well, I just don't know. My mother-in-law has been great about cutting back, but it has been 26 years. Will it take me that long? I hope not. I hope my children appreciate the effort I am making in not constantly inserting my opinions into how they raise their children.

All I can say is this. I love those boys and I want the best for them. I know my way is not necessarily the best way, but, it is the only way I know.

When will the parenting end? Never... I am a mom, forever.
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