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Okay, so I spent the better part of a day moving some of my poetry from an old blog and posting on here. Got rid of some old stuff and made myself promise to blog more often and not put it off.

Now, I get on here and I have been 'flagged as possible spam'.. what does that even mean? Some bot somewhere has decided my postings contain quite a bit of mumbo jumbo and could possibly have been posted by another bot just to achieve what? grrrr....

Well, I have 'requested a review' of my postings to have the alert removed. How long will that take... meanwhile, anyone that might bump into my site, purely by accident at this point because I am sooo darn new to this anyway... will get some warning that they have to physically bypass in order to even view my page!

OK.. I will beg, blogger, please, allow me to post on your site, allow me to rant and rave and just post my mumbo jumbo when I need the creative outlet... please oh please.. blogger, please un-spam me!

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