Bioethicist writes new book about saving lives!

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I had a chance to see Peter Singer speak. From...Image via Wikipedia

I was listening to my radio in my car as I tooled around town (what's new huh?) and I heard a bioethicist was going to be on a talk show to discuss his new book 'The Life You Can Save' and I was eager to listen.

As usual, I was in and out of my car and only heard part of the interview, which, as it turns out, was probably a good thing. I was pretty enraged!

The 'gentleman' in question is Peter Singer and he is a Princeton University professor of bioethics. The statements he was making absolutely floored me. He actually thinks that parents should have the right to 'euthanize' their children up to the age of twelve months. His rational was that if the child is too much of a burden, then the parents should be able to relieve themselves, and ultimately 'society', of that burden. He also feels that euthanasia for the sick and elderly should be legalized to help alleviate financial and emotional burdens on families, friends, society and the person in question.

When he went into a rant on how he cannot fathom why 'prolifers' bother to spend so much time and money on fighting the 'hopeless cause against abortion' in the United States when there are millions of children around the world dying of 'diarrhea', well, I had to get out of the car, and that was a blessing. I could barely see, and that makes it a bit tough to drive.

There was some sort of animal rights issue that they were going to discuss and I never did hear that part of the conversation, but it leaves me wondering how he can go from killing innocent babies because 'they have no sense of self awareness' to any sort of belief in 'animal' rights. Do animals have more sense of self awareness than a human child of one year?

This truly scares me for the future of our country and what kind of civilization my children will be living in... and bringing their children into...

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