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Today I woke up and felt like a nice, juicy steak; I am not sure why.  I can still smell the idea, yes, I said 'smell the idea'.

I can smell the warm, juicy, onion and garlic, worcestershire, salt and pepper, and the medium rare goodness of the steak in the skillet.  I can picture it cooking in all it's glory.  I can almost taste it, too.

We did not have steak.  We already had hamburger helper lasagna planned.  Since we are working on staying with our budget and not going off on impulses, I did not get my steak.  Boy, now it is 1am and I am still awake and still thinking about that steak.

I guess it will have to be on my menu for next week.  Of course, that is probably not going to happen either, since it is Thanksgiving week, and I won't be able to justify buying nice steaks on a week when it is already splurge-o-rama.

But, the week after, look out cows, I will be coming for ya!