A picture that is actually worth a thousand words.

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My 45th birthday is just under a month away and this morning I am browsing through the web, bored, but, really enjoying a nice cup of coffee, when I come upon this pic on life.com. I really enjoy going through this site, and often post some of the pics on my facebook page.

So, you may be asking, why blog about this particular pic? Well, it gave me a feeling that I rarely experience. Anyone who knows me will surely attest to the fact that I am a very serious, down to earth, probably boring, and even solemn person. But, this pic made me, for lack of a better description, all warm and fuzzy inside.

A couple of my daughters took dance lessons, I did not. This pic made me think of a young girl who is just starting out in dance classes. I felt whimsical and fantastical. The image brought out a youthful expectation of a future dance performance in front of thousands of people that a young girl would imagine while prancing around in her bedroom.

The bright colored ribbons and the flowers and the beautiful gown, all combine together like in a innocent, if not naive, dream. I felt light and joyful. These are not feelings I experience. This felt noteworthy enough for me to blog about. A rare blog of hope and happiness. Enjoy.