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I am currently finishing up the touches on my Thanksgiving Feast plan.  The menu is planned and the list for shopping is finished.  We pretty much eat the same things each year, my kids have favorites and by the time I add all the favorites, there is not much room to be creative.  So, I go through the decorations and my festive ware... This is where I get to add some 'new' to the traditional.

While thinking about what I could do to add to the comfort, I thought about the table itself.  That is when I noticed my dining chairs.  They are just a simple wood chair, no padding, just light pine, that's it.  We have had the little cushions off and on through the years, but, with the kids, they just don't last, and I toss them.  Another item to chalk up to ... 'maybe when the kids are grown'...

Well, Phaebi is going to be 10 in a couple of months and the rest are pretty much grown, so, off I go to surf the net for some chair cushions.  There is an abundance, as I am sure you guessed.  But, I did find a site that gave me a great experience.  Try and I am sure you will find it as refreshing and customer friendly as I did.

While I was there, I also found a nice table cloth for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  At there were some great and unique items and I really enjoyed going through all they had. 

You know me, I am not especially creative when it comes to decor.  My house is a lived in and comfortable place for my family and I.  But, this site will definitely fit everyones needs and expectations.  Try it, I highly recommend it.