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Every once in a great while, I find a website that, in my humble opinion, is rooted in the genuine ambition of the internet. Sure, we have become a society that now gets most, if not all, of our news from the internet. Most will get much of their entertainment from their computers as well. But, we can not forget the massive amounts of consumer information that is sought after by internet users. Much of this has become muddled in sites geared toward shopping. Buy, Buy, Buy!

What I enjoy is a site devoted to giving information based on user experience, a site that helps us get the best bang for our buck and makes us feel more comfortable about getting great service with the comfort of feeling that we are not going to be ripped off in the process.

A common horror in our daily lives is the dreaded car repair. How do we know that the guy is fixing something that needs to be fixed while not charging us for something much larger? Most of us do not have the first clue. By going to a site like, we can search for local shops and find reviews from others who have gone before us. It is a great tool, and one that we all could use for so many of the services we are compelled to use.

This site actually has a vast expansion on the automotive information highway. You can search for a specific vehicle and find user reviews of the vehicle itself. For instance, perhaps you are looking at a 2001 Honda Civic, you might find this information quite helpful in making the choice of whether you want to purchase it;

Even more helpful... before going to get a repair, or after the shop calls to tell you what they think is wrong and how much they 'estimate' it will cost to do the repair... there are pages that tell you the symptoms and other details for, let's say, a head gasket replacement,

A very useful site that we all would love to find in our searches.