It’s a year later, and not much has changed - The Boston Globe

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This link is to a story about my niece, Payton Spinney. Jennifer is my sister. They live in Massachusetts and I have not seen them in over a decade. As many of you know, I do not associate with my family. However, I do encourage my children to make their own decisions and my children associate with their cousins. Payton recently added me on facebook and on Sunday posted that she was in the Boston Globe.

I googled the story this evening and was very much saddened by the story. I am trying to calm my brain as it is spinning out of control with wanting to figure out a way to stop the nonsense of bullying.

My first question to myself was, 'why is it so much worse, why does it come to such a tragic end more often now than when I was in school?" My answer was not a comforting one... Much like the rest of the questions about children now vs. then, the answer is in the lack of community we have now. I moved this past August. We live in town now, and it has been 5 months. I know a family down the street because Phaebi does cheer with their daughter and the mother was one of the coaches. I know 2 of the girls on the street, and they have stayed the night several times. I do not know their parents names or phone numbers. I have met none of my other neighbors.

Our lives are quite busy. All of us, not just my family. We do not concern ourselves with what is going on right next door anymore. I know growing up, my parents knew who lived on our block, who moved in, who moved away, who had kids and where they went to school. As a kid running around my neighborhood, I knew that if I was seen doing something I shouldn't be doing, the consequences would be immediate. Not only did I fear that my parents would be informed, but, any adult would be more than willing to make sure they stepped in to begin the implementation of said consequences.

Today, we mind our own business. This is very sad. But, why is it that the 'adults' working in our schools are taking on that same attitude? Isn't it their jobs to teach community and compassion and understanding and to lead by example? I have had my share of run-ins with lazy teachers. I have never had the first clue as to any possible solutions to this problem. But, now my brain is working and I am sure I am going to be thinking about this, and possibly getting to know some parents on my own street!