Healthcare Passed

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That sick feeling I had in my stomach and the feeling that I was going to burst into tears and cry in pity for myself, my children and my country, these feelings have returned this very evening. The first time I felt them was the night Obama was elected President of the United States. And now he has worked with Pelosi and Reid to pass a healthcare fiasco!

I am thinking I need to go to my doctor tomorrow and have him find every little thing wrong with me that can be fixed, and get them all taken care of right away! Why? Because once I am required to have the government healthcare or be penalized, I will no longer be covered.

Yes, my husband has insurance right now, however, once this is out there, my husband's, tight-fisted partner will undoubtedly finally have the ultimate relief he seeks from paying for our health coverage. He will have no guilt because we will be able to get this coverage from the government.

I refuse to have my medical records put on the internet. I refuse to allow non-medically trained individuals decide my fate based on the bottom line. Fighting for my life by proving my worthiness is not in my future. I will die.. I will be sick and at home.. without healthcare! I will pay the penalty for not having this coverage.

I vote NO and I will not be persuaded to change my vote!